Mariculture, scallops farming

We´re involved with the traditional farming of scallops in the Paracas Bay since 1995, but scallop farming has been an ancient activity and one of the main sources of food of the Paracas Culture (2 000 years b.c. approximately). Today, Inti-Mar restaurant has developed our main dishes based on marine species: crab, clams, sea snalls and other scallop predators which we constantly remove to avoid major mortality. Either if you come for the day or book your overnight stay, you can learn more about scallops farming, development, main predators and other relevant information in the mini tour we offer. We´ll even let you, if you wish, dive to retrieve some scallops for lunch.


Visitors in the scallops tour


Our divers collecting scallops for lunch


Close up of a scallop shell on the sea shore

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